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I need the best possible portfolio with 3D effects
I want to build a AI supported resume builder & generator
I want to build an app that creates a playful avatar for children to interact with and learn from. This would serve as an alternative to cocomelon.
I don’t want to rewrite my react native app from scratch and I don’t know how to setup in app routing and push notification for iOS and android
I want to make an AI chatbot website for young women, including companion, character role playing, and NSFW
I have a problem building online games. I want to make an easy to use online matchmaking system
I have problem planning my trip and handle any changes while I am on my trip.
I have a problem tracking how much commission I need to grieve to my employees based on their work I want to build a product that will track revenue generated by each employee and how much they should get paid.
I want to encourage my kids to read more
i want to build app to solve my problem
A product relighting digital studio. Enter poor quality phone photos of the product you're selling and see high quality photos come out the other end
I love building game
file manager
I use the calendar as a reminder because it also sends emails and notifications to my to dos. Also, it only asks. I do one task at a time. Should I build a dedicated todo all that acts like this
Mothers stress and anxiety after childbirth. Let them have a good mental health
the problem of managing liability by offering a digital solution to create, customize, and store waivers electronically, replacing cumbersome paper waivers.
want to biuld vr app that allows generate user to generate d objects with AI, also by voice control
I want to build an app where people can share their thoughts to other users based on proximity
I have a problem with finding free tools to build to attract users to my website
I have a problem finding local happy hours easily without jumping to a bunch of different websites. I want to build a central solution to find the current happy hours
I have a problem with manufacturing custom parts. I want to get high quality precise and reliable sustainable online manufacturing tool that solves my production cycle.
Build something to make me rich
Ai generated emails
I want a product to help me learn content faster
It is difficult for new users of X, the former Twitter, to get the first thousand subscribers. You need to write a lot of comments on other users' posts, but it's difficult to do it manually
I want to build something to help people deal with loneliness
I need a way to store and easily share my will and and other estate documents online.
I want to find more people who need flowers delivered in Dallas fort Worth, texas
I want to build something that helps me use my commit messages to automatically post to my socials which will help me increase my engagement and followers as well as give me a nice log of my project's progress.
Pdf questions and answers extracting for tutors
I have a problem with getting visitors to my site that contains tools for sports bettores.
digital marketing
Fairer streaming service for independent cinema
I have a problem with learning articles in English. I want a tool which could help me to improve that skill
I struggle to follow build in public sharings in my Twitter timeline. The Twitter's algorithm push to virality and not content sharing. I want to build a tool to resolve this.
Jobs near me
I want to have better advertising for my business Studio6 Flooring (
creating custom hallmark cards
I want to automate quoting homeowners, auto insurance
Letterboxd for youtube
I want to make a startup where I provide people pdf generations and apis for same
I want to be able to see how much a specific CS2 skin costs across a lot of marketplaces
I have the problem to get ranking 1 on google when I create blog content per week.
Jag har ett problem eftersom jag vill bygga ett trästaket och en träterrass.
I have a problem managing my DIY small business orders and clients. I want to build an app that makes it easy for people who do DIY work for clients to manage their clients orders products and deadlines.
there is no such an api, i want an api for everything
Christianity luxury clothing brand
skin problem. I would like to offer product for different age groups.
For kids, an app to talk to their toys
Live streaming site
an innovative service that facilitates payment solutions into business websites with ease. It provides a user friendly creation of payment forms with just a few clicks. The platform boasts of seamless integration with Stripe & Hubspot
I want to learn to make a presentation design that effectively convey my ideas
Zeitintensive Exposé Texterstellung und unklarheit über die benötigten Inhalte. Die Lösung sind KI generierte Exposétexte, automatisch anhand der Objektdaten
best software training institute in kochi